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About Us

Innobedded was founded in 2009 by Jens Kühner.

Since over 15 years he develops and designs powerful, easy-to-use & extendable line-of-business applications for the Microsoft platforms.

Thereby, all too often we realized that today still many difficult-to-use applications are out there.

We know our craft and use the latest technologies and methods. Thereby we also put emphasis on the design and usability of an application and love to simplify complex processes with our software.

That is exactly what we put into effect with our innovative touch-based point of sale system Posalit.

We have customers who are using our day.
Our customers helped us to make Posalit so easy-to-use and reliable it is today.


Jens Kühner
Jens Kühner
Founder, CEO, CTO

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