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Posalit Features

Posalit consists of two cloud based native Windows 10 UWP apps.

Use the cash register app to turn a Windows 10 device into a cash register for selling
and the back office app to manage your business and for powerful reporting and analytics.

Back Office

Posalit provides a cloud-based back office with a comfortable app-based UI that you can run in your store or your office PC.

Centralized administration of all your settings and master data such as stock items, item categories, predefined discounts & taxes, employees and customers.

Use the bulk import, export, modification or deletion feature to edit many items or customers in one step or to import existing. Export your sales as DATEV to send it to your tax consult or the GoBD export in the IDEA format to hand it over to the tax inspector. And much more you can do with the back office app.

Rich Reports and Charts

To run a successful business, you need to know your sales, customers and employees. The Posalit back office provides rich reports, charts and exports to make better decisions.

All sales such as sales summary, sales by item, top sellers, sales by category, sales by payment method, sales by time, sales by week day and other analytics are immediately visible.

Preparatory accounting

Save time with the integrated DATEV-export for your tax consult. In the back office insert the DATEV account numbers to get a complete SKR export.

Cash register frontend

The cash register app has a clean, but powerful user interface. New employees can start immediately without intensive training and it speeds up your checkout.

The sale history allows you to view or reprint recent sales directly in the cash register app.

With the Posalit cash register you can track all other cash pay-ins and pay-outs. The cash transactions are predefined in the back office and can have a DATEV account number.

Open or close your daily shifts & view or print X- or Z-reports.

Different payment methods

Posalit supports different payment methods such as cash, gift cards, prepaid cards, loyalty points, SEPA & more.

Using the payment terminal accepts common payments methods with chip, magnetic stripe or NFC.

Posalit further allows you to mix any payment methods using our split payment feature. Split payment will allow your customers to redeem a gift card, redeem loyalty points and pay the rest of the sale with cash.

Different payment methods

In the cash register app you can create a new customer and assign it to a sale.

Assigning a customer helps to track a customer`s sale history or let customers collect bonus points. Customer details are visible directly in the cash register app.

Integration of online appointment scheduling system

Posalit provides an integration with our partners online appointment scheduling system eTermin. (www.etermin.net)

If a customer books an appointment via your website then the customer data is automatically synchronized with the Posalit point of sale and vice versa. Ideally for all kind of business in the service sector.

Customer proximity

Posalit was developed with direct contact to our customers. We are an agile and owner-managed company.

Customers are the most important stakeholders of our company.

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